Elmerice acts as professional guide rather than an advisor or a dealer. By not directly buying or selling she remains impartial and committed to the interests of collectors whom she can help best to navigate the already complex relationships of the art world, without bias or pretention.

The art market is unregulated and fast-moving. Elmerice’s utmost concern is that buyers feel secure when building or starting their collections. The aim is to find the right pieces at a fair price, guiding clients through every stage of the decision-making and negotiation process while managing these assets with great care.

When requested Elmerice will bid at auction or buy from galleries on behalf of those who wish to retain low profiles in the art world.

Through comprehensive collection management discipline, detailed documentation is developed including cataloguing and photographing artworks to maintain records of inventory, loans and locations. This helps to ensure quality conservation, providing analyses on how to improve records for security and logistical purposes.