Art Advisory

London as a global art hub is a fabulous place to pick up on trends as well as discovering new talents on a regular basis. Elmerice has demonstrated a knack for recognising emerging talent and specialises in younger emerging and mid-career European and Eastern European artists.

Some of the artists are not necessarily young in age but underrated – in particular with Eastern European artists we can find some great talents with the necessary historic backing but due to their country’s geographic location have been overlooked so far and thus undervalued.

The understanding of aesthetic value is always changing and Elmerice is personally drawn to conceptual or conceptually driven art. The majority of her clients are not art investors, they are collectors and are very open to discourse and really want to understand why an artwork may or may not be valid, and how it may situate itself historically.

However, it is of course important to discuss both the curatorial perspective and the investment side as there is more speculation around young artists than ever.

Living in London Elmerice gained a judicious eye for the ins and outs of the art scene and remains firmly committed to on-the-ground investigation by attending various art fairs, regular gallery visits and artist studio visits as well as pounding the annual degree shows.